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Anne Hidalgo
Mayor of Paris, C40 Chair

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo became the first woman to be elected Mayor of Paris in April 2014. She is a former labour inspector and joined the Socialist Party in 1994. In 1997, she joined the cabinet of Martine Aubry, Minister for Employment and National Solidarity at the time. As First Deputy to Bertrand Delano, Mayor of Paris for 13 years, she headed the list of the Paris Left in its successes in the regional elections of 2004 and 2010. The Mayor of Paris is currently President of the AIMF, President- of C40, Co-President of the UCLG and First Vice-President of the Greater Paris Metropolitan Area.

Frank Jensen
Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

Frank Jensen was born on 28 May, 1961 in Nordjylland and holds a degree in economics. In 1987 he was elected to Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) and soon acquired several important posts. From 1994 to 2001 he was Minister of Research and after that Minister of Justice. In 2008 he left the Folketing to take up a business career. In 2010 he returned to politics as Lord Mayor of the City of Copenhagen. Frank Jensen is married to Jane Frimand Pedersen.

Abdallah Mtinika
Deputy Mayor of Dar es Salaam

Ada Colau
Mayor of Barcelona

Ada Colau Ballano (Barcelona, 1974) is Barcelona’s first-ever woman mayor. Part of her professional life has been devoted to researching and championing human rights, with special emphasis on housing rights. She has spent the last twenty years building up her professional and political skills, through her academic studies, her work in civil organisations and her participation in social movements.

Ahmed Aboutaleb
Mayor of Rotterdam

Ahmed Aboutaleb (born 1961 in Beni Sidel, Morocco) has been Mayor of Rotterdam since 2009. Previously, he represented the PvdA (Labor Party) as State Secretary for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in the fourth Balkenende cabinet (2007-2008) and as an alderman in Amsterdam (2004-2007). Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb strongly advocates the values enshrined in the Dutch Constitution: freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the principle of non-discrimination. In his view, obtaining Dutch citizenship entails a responsibility to respect and uphold those values and to take part in building the We Society. The more people take part in which, the stronger and more resilient that society will be. He’ll regularly take neighborhood strolls throughout Rotterdam to have talks with residents about what concerns them. On a private note, Ahmed Aboutaleb is a poetry enthusiast. Recently he was asked to submit 50 poems from world poetry literature which were published in a book called: Read.

Al Gore
Former Vice President of the United States of America

Former Vice President Al Gore is the cofounder and chairman of Generation Investment Management, and the founder and chairman of The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit devoted to solving the climate crisis. He is also a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and a member of Apple Inc.’s board of directors. Gore was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, 1978, 1980, and 1982 and to the U.S. Senate in 1984 and 1990. He was inaugurated as the 45th vice president of the United States on January 20, 1993, and served eight years. 

He is the author of the #1 New York Times best-sellers “An Inconvenient Truth” and “The Assault on Reason,” and the best-sellers “Earth in the Balance,” “Our Choice: A Plan To Solve the Climate Crisis,” “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change,” and most recently, The New York Times best-seller “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

He is the subject of the documentary movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” which won two Oscars in 2006 — and a second documentary in 2017, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.” In 2007, Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, for “informing the world of the dangers posed by climate change.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
U.S. Representative for New York's 14th Congressional District

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a third-generation Bronxite, educator, and organizer serving the 14th district of New York in the Bronx and Queens. Ocasio-Cortez grew up experiencing the reality of New York’s rising income inequality, inspiring her to organize her community and run for office on a progressive platform rejecting Corporate PAC funds.

As a member of a large Puerto Rican extended family, she saw the differences in the education and opportunities available to family members living in the Bronx versus family living in Westchester County. After graduating Boston University with degrees in Economics and
International Relations, she worked in the office of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, seeing firsthand the heartbreak and family separation caused by the unaccountable tactics of ICE. After this, she was passionate about returning to work with Latinx youth in the Bronx and across the United States to eventually work as an Educational Director with the National Hispanic Institute, a role in which she helped Americans, DREAMers and undocumented youth in community
leadership and college readiness.

Following the financial crisis of 2008, tragedy struck when her father, Sergio Ocasio-Roman, passed away, forcing her family to sell their Westchester home. Alexandria pulled extra shifts to work as a waitress and bartender to support her family during this time, deepening her commitment to issues impacting working-class people.During the 2016 presidential election, she worked as a volunteer organizer for Bernie Sanders in the South Bronx, expanding her skills in electoral organizing and activism that has taken her across the country and to Standing Rock, South Dakota to stand with indigenous communities, then back to New York’s 14th Congressional District to launch her people-funded, grassroots campaign for Congress.

In June of 2018, Ocasio-Cortez defeated the 10-term incumbent to become the Democratic nominee for the 14th district. She went on to make history in November as the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress at the age of 29. Since her swearing-in to Congress in January of 2019, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has remained committed to serving working class people over corporate interests and advocating for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Alison Tickell
Director, Julie's Bicycle

Alison Tickell established Julie’s Bicycle in 2007 as a non-profit company helping the music industry reduce its environmental impacts and develop new thinking in tune with global environmental challenges. JB has since extended its remit to the full performing and visual arts communities, heritage and wider creative and cultural policy communities, defining the contributions the arts should be making to climate and sustainability challenges. With an increasing international profile JB is acknowledged as the leading organization bridging sustainability with the arts and culture. Originally trained as a cellist, Alison worked with seminal jazz improviser and teacher John Stevens, both as a performer and trainer. She worked for many years with socially excluded young people at Community Music, training professional musicians in teaching, mentoring and business development, and then at Creative and Cultural Skills where she established the National Skills Academy for the music industry. She is a school governor, a 2012 London Leader, Advisor to Tonic Theatre, judge on Observer Ethical Awards, Royal College of Arts Sustainable Design Awards, D&AD White Pencil Awards, and a fellow of the RSA. She has been on the boards of the Music Business Forum, the Live Music Forum, and Sound Connections.

Amalie Kestler
Editor of domestic affairs, Politiken

Angela Valenzuela, Fridays for Future Santiago
Spokesperson and coordinator

Chilean climate justice activist Angela Valenzuela, also known as Loïca, is a songwriter, singer, and art organizer based in Santiago. She is one of the key coordinators for Fridays for Future Chile, the spokesperson for Fridays for Future Santiago, and a Climate Strike Organizer in Chile for At the age of 17, she received a full scholarship to study at the United World College of Canada, where she delved into the understanding of the climate and environmental crisis. At 20 and as a Human Ecology undergrad student at College of the Atlantic, ME, USA, she participated as a youth delegate in the PreCOP20 (Venezuela), COP20 (Lima), COP21 (Paris) and ADP 2.2 (Bonn). Angela is a passionate young woman who uses music as a way to communicate the climate crisis and empower people towards action. She has released two music albums: “A la Sombra de su rbol” (2017) and “Reinventar” (2019). Her poetry and music emerge from the pain and resistance to environmental degradation. It is inspired by the resilience found in traditional Latin American music, and the search for reinventing sound and transforming the systems that disrupt life on Earth.

Anna König Jerlmyr
Mayor of Stockholm

Mayor Anna König Jerlmyr was elected as Mayor of Stockholm following the municipal election in September 2018. She has a background in economics and communications and was a member of the Swedish Parliament from 2006 until 2010. Upon entering Stockholm City Council in 2010 she was appointed Vice Mayor for Social Affairs and Chair of Stockholm’s Police Authority, posts that she held until 2014. From 2014 until 2018 she acted as Opposition Vice Mayor, representing the Moderate Party.

Antha Williams
Global Head of Environmental Programs, Bloomberg Philanthropies

Antha Williams leads the Environment Program at Bloomberg Philanthropies, supporting Michael Bloomberg’s personal efforts to combat climate change as well as initiatives to improve sustainability of cities, to accelerate the transition to clean energy, combat overfishing and protect coral reefs, and help businesses and investors better understand climate-related financial risks and opportunities. Antha was Consulting Producer of Paris to Pittsburgh, a film about communities across America grappling with the impacts of climate change, and From the Ashes. Previously she served in leadership positions at Corridor Partners, Atlantic Philanthropies, The Beldon Fund, the Campaign for Change, and Green Corps. She sits on the Boards of Directors of the League of Conservation Voters, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, the European Climate Foundation, Global Fishing Watch and Oceans5. Antha graduated from Dartmouth College and lives in New York.

Anton Walker
Speaker of the Copenhagen Youth Council

Anton is 17 years old and currently serving as one of three speakers of the Copenhagen Youth Council. In 2015 he attended the COP21 summit in Paris, where, in his own words,  he learned a great deal about how serious the threat of global warming really is. He was first elected to the Copenhagen Youth Council in 2017, then again in 2018, this time also as a speaker. He strives to put climate action on the agenda, not just in Copenhagen, but globally.

Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto
Mayor of Salvador

Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto was born in Salvador on January, 26th, 1979. He has graduated in Law and started his political career in 2003 as Congressman at the National Congress of Brazil. Known as ACM Neto, he is currently the main political leader of his generation. In 2012 he was elected Mayor of Salvador and re-elected in 2016 with 74% of votes. Mayor ACM Neto has been transforming the city of Salvador by implementing infrastructure, applying in education and health and enabling social programs and economic sustainable development by investing 76% of budget resources on vulnerable communities. In 2018 Mayor ACM Neto became National President of Democratas Political Party.

António Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations

António Guterres, the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, took office on 1st January 2017.

Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister of Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal became the youngest Chief Minister of Delhi when he was sworn for the first time on 28 December 2013. After being unable to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill in the Delhi Assembly in February, 2014, he and his Cabinet resigned. He was re-elected from the New Delhi constituency in February, 2015. Long before Mr Kejriwal entered politics, he had formed an NGO Parivartan to address citizens’ grievances related to Public Distribution System (PDS), public works, social welfare schemes, income tax and electricity. He resigned from the income tax department in 2006 and in the same year, he donated his Magsaysay award money as a corpus fund to set-up the Public Cause Research Foundation. A social activist, political reformer and a former Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax department, Mr Kejriwal is known for his commitment towards the Right to Information and struggle for the Jan Lokpal. He has authored ‘Swaraj’, a book on his model of local self-governance and decentralisation of administration. Known across India as an anti-corruption crusader, he led the former members of India Against Corruption towards alternative politics and founded the Aam Aadmi Party on 2nd October, 2012.

Atiqul Islam
Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation

Md. Atiqul Islam, a name synonymous with leadership, dedication, honesty and generosity was born in 1961, in Comilla. The youngest member of a large family, his upbringing was progressive and culturally diverse. He has always attributed his life’s success as a blessing from his late Father, a high-ranking Police Officer Momtaz Uddin Ahmed and Mother Mazeda Khatun. He was an engaging child and had the bearings of prot駩 from an early age. After completing his university graduation, he entered the business World in 1985. And with his older brother establish the eminence of Islam Garments, where 19000 people are currently employed. From 1990, he has served BGMEA in different capacities from 1990, during which he abolished child labor, promoted gender equity, established hospitals, managed Rana Plaza incident with aplomb & promoted “Made In Bangladesh With Pride” to the World. Committed to transforming lives and bringing order to the chaos of rapid industrialization, he soon joined the political foray. A humble man with dreams only for his nation, he was elected as the Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation on 28th February and is well on his way to creating a lasting legacy of unparalleled service to this great city.

Begoña Villacís
Vice Mayor of Madrid

Vice Mayor of Madrid, and nationwide Delegate for Municipal Policy of Ciudadanos (a national Spanish political party, member of Renew Europe).

(Madrid, 1977) She graduated in Law from San Pablo–CEU University in 2002. Later she completed a Master in Tax Consultancy from Comillas Pontifical University, as well as an Advanced Mediation University Course. Recently, she graduated from the Public Leadership Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Deusto Business School – Deusto University.

Her professional career began at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in the Human Resources Department before joining J.A. Sánchez Martín Law Firm as a labor lawyer. From 2003 to 2015, she worked for Legalitas Law Firm as Manager for Tax, Labor and Corporate Law.

In 2015 and 2019 local elections, she was Ciudadanos candidate for Mayor of Madrid. From 2015 to 2019 she was Ciudadanos’ spokesperson in Madrid City Council. In June 2019 she became Vice Mayor of Madrid.

Brent Loken
Director of Science Translation, EAT

Brent is the Director of Science Translation at EAT and was one of the lead authors on the EAT-Lancet report. He has published numerous articles on health, sustainability, the environment, and endangered species conservation. His current work focuses on translating the global scientific targets of the EAT-Lancet report into actionable targets. This includes working with businesses, cities, and nations to set science-based targets for the food system, something which to date has not been done. For the upcoming UN Climate Action Summit in New York City, Brent is authoring two important reports; one that will assess the national dietary guidelines of G20 countries and their potential for mitigating GHG emissions, and a second that will provide specific solutions for reducing emissions from food, land-use, and food production. In the past, Brent has been involved in building schools, saving rainforests, protecting endangered species, and working with indigenous peoples. Rarely patient, Brent believes to achieve the SDGs and Paris Agreement in the short time that is available, it will be because of fast moving and innovative organizations and people that disrupt the status quo and actively show the world a better way.

Cassia Moraes
Founder and CEO of Youth Climate Leaders

Cassia has experience working on sustainable development and international cooperation in the public, private and third sectors. She is the Founder and CEO of Youth Climate Leaders, a social enterprise that trains and connects young people among themselves and with networks and opportunities to start their careers as climate leaders. Previously, she has served as Deputy Executive Coordinator at the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, and worked as consultant at CIVICUS, UNDP and UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). Cassia holds a MPA in Development Practice degree from Columbia University.

Camilla Sylvest
Executive Vice President, Commercial Strategy & Corporate Affairs, Novo Nordisk

Camilla Sylvest joined Novo Nordisk in 1996 as trainee. From 1997 to 2008 Ms Sylvest had roles in headquarters and regions within pricing, health economics, marketing and sales effectiveness. In 2003, she was appointed vice president of sales and marketing effectiveness in Region Europe. From 2008 to 2015, Ms Sylvest headed up affiliates and business areas of growing size and complexity in Europe and Asia and in 2013 she was also appointed corporate vice president. In August 2015, Ms Sylvest was appointed senior vice president and general manager of Novo Nordisk’s Region China. In this role she was responsible for the company’s activities in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In October 2017, Ms Sylvest was promoted to executive vice president and member of Executive Management in Novo Nordisk. Ms Sylvest serves as member of the board in Danish Crown A/S and in the World Diabetes Foundation. Ms Sylvest holds an MSc in Economics from University of Southern Denmark and an Executive MBA from the Scandinavian International Management Institute.Ms Sylvest is a Danish national, born November 1972

Chen Tian
Director General of Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau

Born in 1966. Master of Medical Science and Professor of Engineering. the Director General and Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau (BEE).

Mr. Chen Tian had acted as deputy Chief and Chief of Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center; Chief Engineer, Deputy Director and Director General of the former Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (Beijing EPB); and Vice Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality.

He has taken the lead in developing and implementing Beijing’s local plans, policies and campaigns for environmental pollution control, environmental safety management, and ecosystem conservation  in the past over 2 decade. The long-lasting campaign has resulted in continuous environmental quality improvement along with rapid economic increase and city expansion.


Chen Weiqiang
Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou

October 2018-Present, Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou

2014-2018, Secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Xiacheng District Committee

2012-2014, Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee 

2007-2012, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Director of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission 

2006-2007, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Deputy Director of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission

2002-2006, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Xiacheng District Committee 

1997-2002, Deputy Director of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission

1996-1997, Director of President’s Office of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

1993-1996, Deputy Director of President’s Office of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

1992-1993, Deputy Director of Leadership Office of Science and Technology Development of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

1986-1989, Secretary in President’s Office of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Clarisse Linke
Brazil Country Director, Institute For Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)

Clarisse Cunha Linke is a Brazilian who has been involved in planning and implementing social policies and programs since 2001, with experience in Brazil, Mozambique, and Namibia. She holds a Masters in Social Policy, NGOs, and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she received the “Titmuss Examination Prize” in 2005. From 2006-2011, she was a Director at the Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia (BEN Namibia), where she played a key role in the expansion of BEN Namibia’s activities, helping it develop the biggest community-based enterprise bicycle distribution network in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2010, she was awarded by Ashoka Changemakers in the “Women, Tools, and Technology” Challenge for the work done in Namibia with women. Clarisse joined ITDP Brazil in 2012. From 2016-18 she taught “NGO Management” at the Institute of Economics in the Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ). She is a Board Member of the Sustainable Low Carbon Transport Network (SLoCaT). In 2019, Clarisse was nominated a “Remarkable Women in Transport” by the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI).

Connie Hedegaard
Former European Commissioner for Climate

With two decades of experience in international and domestic executive policymaking, Ms. Connie Hedegaard is today assuming several key positions in support of a low-carbon and green economy.

Currently Connie is chairing a number of foundations and executive boards, such as OECD’s Round Table for Sustainability, KR Foundation, Aarhus University, and Denmark’s green think tank, CONCITO. Moreover, she serves as board member in Danfoss, Nordex, Teknologisk Institut and the Danish Annual Democracy Festival, Folkemødet.

Ms. Hedegaard was the European Commissioner for Climate Action from 2010 to 2014, during which she led the negotiations towards the adoption of the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework. As EU Commissioner, she was also responsible for the 2050 Roadmap for moving to a low carbon economy and represented the EU in the international climate negotiations.

Connie has had climate action as a centerpiece of her political effort since she was appointed Minister of Environment to Denmark in 2004. Her political career she initiated in 1984 when she was elected to the Danish parliament. In 1990 she decided to leave parliament and focus on a career in journalism, achieving 14 years in the print press, as TV anchor and as head of Danish Radio News (DR), respectively.

Ms. Hedegaard holds a master degree in History and Literature.

Eckart Würzner
Mayor of Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Eckart Wrzner Born on 10 October 1961 in Goslar/Harz Married, 4 children. He Studied geography (German degree: “Diplom”) at the Universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg. 1993 he Received his doctorate “Dr. rer. nat. Thesis on “Comparative Case Study on Possible Influences of Noxious Agents in the Atmosphere on Mortality in Agglomerations”. Prof. Dr. Wrzner started his professional career as an Environmental consultant at the City of Heidelberg. Then in 1988 he became the Head of the Technical Environmental Protection Division and in 2001 Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy of the City of Heidelberg. 2006 he was elected as the Mayor of the City of Heidelberg. In 2014 he was reelected. Beside his function as a Mayor, Prof. Dr. Wrzner is Member of the Executive Board and President of the Energy Cities network, Board member of the Association of Cities and Towns of Germany, Member of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. In May 2016 appointed Honorary Professor at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg.

Ekrem İmamoğlu
Mayor of Istanbul

Ekrem İmamoğlu was born in 1970 in Trabzon. He joined the Republican People’s Party (CHP) in 2009, becoming a member of CHP Beylikdüzü District Organization. He was later elected as the CHP Beylikdüzü District Chairperson. Being able to expand and reinvigorate the district organization throughout 5 years, he was nominated to run for the Mayor of Beylikdüzü by CHP and won the elections in 2014. He implemented many projects that changed the face of Beylikdüzü between 2014 – 2019. Raising the life standards of the district, İmamoğlu was under the spotlight from the perspective of Beylikdüzü residents, media, academic community and the party’s top management. İmamoglu was, thus, nominated as the Mayoral candidate for Istanbul in the local elections of March 31, 2019. Carrying out an effective campaign in a short period of three months, he was elected as the Mayor of Istanbul with 48.82% of the total valid votes. However, as a result of the objections made by the ruling party, Supreme Electoral Board (YSK) annulled only the results of March 31 Istanbul mayoral election and Mr. Imamoglu rerun for Mayor on June 23, receiving 54.2% of the total valid votes. He has been in office since 27 June 2019. He has been living in Istanbul since 1988, and he is married with 3 children.

Elodie Grimoin
Co-founder, Urban Canopee

URBAN CANOPEE offers innovative solutions to fight against the effects of climate change by deploying plant canopies over cities. These plant canopies help reduce the heat generated in cities, reduce dangerous air pollution and restore biodiversity, making communities greener, healthier and more liveable. We provides autonomous and connected vegetal structures, thereby massively accelerating the greening of surfaces available on the ground and on the facade or roof of a building – wherever trees cannot grow.

Ellen Dorsey
Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund

Ellen Dorsey is Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund, a private foundation focused on progressive social change in the fields of environment, democracy, human rights and corporate accountability. Under her leadership, the Fund is recognized globally for creative philanthropic strategies and mission-related investing. WGF’s model deploys finance as a tool for social change, alongside traditional grant making, to achieve higher impact.  Dorsey was awarded the 2016 inaugural Nelson Mandela – Graca Machel Brave Philanthropy Award for launching Divest-Invest Philanthropy, a coalition of over 170 foundations committed to aligning investments and grants to address the climate crises and accelerate the clean energy transition. She is also a founder of Shine, a global campaign committed to ending energy poverty by scaling access to distributed, renewable, and affordable energy for over a billion people who lack it today.

Dr. Dorsey came to Wallace Global Fund from a series of academic, philanthropic and non-profit leadership positions in the human rights and environmental fields, including serving as Executive Director at the Rachel Carson Institute, Director of the Human Rights and Environment program at Amnesty International, and Senior Program Officer in the Heinz Endowment’s Environment Program.

Additionally, she has served on the board of numerous non-profit organizations promoting human rights and sustainable development, including Greenpeace USA, the Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the United States Human Rights Network, and Amnesty International USA, where she served as board chair.

Dorsey holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Pittsburgh.  She was a Fulbright Research Fellow in South Africa during that country’s historic transformation.  She served on the faculty of several Universities, teaching human rights and environmental sustainability. Dorsey has written extensively on effective strategies of non-governmental organizations and social movements and is co-author of New Rights Advocacy: Changing Strategies of Development and Human Rights NGOs, Georgetown University Press.

Eric Garcetti
Mayor of Los Angeles

Eric Garcetti is a fourth-generation Angeleno and the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles. The son of public servants and the grandson and great-grandson of immigrants from Mexico and Eastern Europe, Mayor Garcetti’s life has been shaped by a deep commitment to the core values of justice, dignity, and equality for all people. The Mayor’s government service began on the L.A. City Council, where he spent four terms as Council President before being elected Mayor in 2013 and winning re-election in 2017 by the widest margin in the history of Los Angeles. Beyond his time at City Hall, Mayor Garcetti has served his country as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy Reserve, and taught at the University of Southern California and Occidental College. The Mayor received his B.A. and M.A. from Columbia University, and studied as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, and later at the London School of Economics. He is also a jazz pianist and photographer. He and his wife, First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland, are the proud parents of a daughter, Maya, and have been foster parents for more than a decade.

Federico Guitérrez
Mayor of Medellín

Civil engineer from the University of Medellin, with graduate studies in management and political science from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. He is the first Mayor of Medellin ever elected by a civil movement and not by a traditional political party. He was elected councilor of Medellin for the period 2004 to 2007. He was reelected for the period 2008 to 2011 and he was chosen as president of the City Council. After 7 and a half years as a councilor, he ran for Mayor of Medellin in 2011. He got more than 120,000 votes. In 2015, he ran for Mayor again, after constituting the civil movement “Creemos.”. The signatures of around 120 thousand citizens guaranteed his independent movement. He is was elected Mayor of Medellin for 2016 – 2019.

Fernando Medina
Mayor of Lisbon

Fernando Medina, has been mayor of Lisboa since 2015 and president of the Lisboa Metropolitan area since 2017. Previously, he was member of the Portuguese Parliament (2011-2013), secretary of state for Industry and Development (2009-2011) and secretary of state for Employment and Vocational Training (2005-2009). He was also adviser to the chairman of the Portuguese Investment Agency, adviser to the Prime Minister on Education, Science and Technology, and a member of the Ministry of Education Working Group of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union. He has a degree in economics from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Porto, and an MA in economic sociology from the School of Economics and Management from the University of Lisbon.

Firhad Hakim
Mayor of Kolkata

Firhad Hakim (born 1 January 1959) is an Indian politician serving as the Mayor of Kolkata since 2018 and Minister for Urban Development and Municipal Affairs of West Bengal since 2011.Hakim graduated from Heramba Chandra College with a degree in commerce. In late 1990s, Hakim was first elected as a councilor of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. On 11 November 2009, he was elected to the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. In the 2011 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, Hakim won from the Kolkata Port constituency as a candidate of the All India Trinamool Congress. Subsequently, he became the Minister of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs in the first Mamata Banerjee’s Cabinet. In 2016 he was again elected from the same Assembly constituency and became Minister- In-Charge, Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs for the 2nd time. He is also the Chairman of Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority.

Florencia Spangaro
Director of Programs

Florencia Spangaro is the Director of Programs at the Citi Foundation, heading up the organization’s global grant and volunteering programs. In this capacity, she leads the Program team in strategy design and execution of key initiatives, including Pathways to Progress, Community Progress Makers, and Global Community Day. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2010, she worked for Citi’s Europe, Middle East and Africa regional Corporate Citizenship office where she was responsible for coordinating philanthropic and volunteering programs across the region. Before joining Citi, Florencia worked for the Argentine Embassy in London.

Florencia holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility from Metropolitan University in London and a Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Legal Studies from University of London, SOAS.

Franciska Rosenkilde
Mayor for Culture and Leisure of Copenhagen

Giuseppe Sala
Mayor of Milan

Giuseppe Sala was born in Milan in 1958. He has held various positions of responsibility in both the private and public sector, gaining important professional managerial experience. In the private sector, he took leading roles in major companies, such as Pirelli and Telecom Italia. From January 2009 until June 2010, he has served in the public sector as City Manager of the Municipality of Milan. He was then appointed CEO of the company managing the Universal Exposition, Expo Milano 2015. In 2013, he was appointed Commissioner of the Government for the Expo. His love for Milan and his willingness to make it a fairer, more international and more attractive place led him to commit himself to politics. He was elected Mayor of Milan in June 2016. Giuseppe Sala holds a Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Bocconi University. He is the author of the books Milano sull’acqua. Ieri, oggi, domani (Milan on the Water. Past, Present, Future) (2014) and Milano e il Secolo delle città and (Milano the Century of Cities) (2017).

Grete Faremo
Under-Secretary-General and UNOPS Executive Director

Ms. Grete Faremo joined UNOPS as Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director in August 2014. Before this appointment, Ms. Faremo held various senior-level positions for the Government of Norway. Most recently, she was Minister of Justice and Public Security; a role she held for two years. During her first appointment as Minister of Justice, Ms. Faremo initiated negotiations between Schengen member countries and Norway on security and free movement in Europe, which culminated in the Nordic Schengen Agreement, signed in 1996 by the Governments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. She was Minister of Defence (2009-2011), Minister of Oil and Energy (1996), Minister of Justice (1992-1996), and Minister of Development Cooperation (1990-1992) for the Norwegian Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was elected member of Parliament from 1993 to 1997. Ms. Faremo also brings a wealth of experience from the private sector, working as the Executive Vice President for the Norwegian insurance group, Storebrand, from 1997 to 2003. From 2003 to 2008, she held the position of Director of Law and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Corporation’s Western European Office, where she developed the legal and public affairs division responsible for corporate compliance in the region. Ms. Faremo has sat on various advisory boards and associations throughout her career, including Norwegians Peoples’ Aid, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, the Competence Development Fund of Southern Norway, Norsk Hydro ASA, the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the University of Bergen. Ms. Faremo graduated from the University of Oslo in 1978, with a degree in Law, specializing in International law. She entered the public service in 1979, as an executive officer in the Norwegian Government’s Ministry of Finance, later moving to NORAD in 1980, and the then newly established Ministry of Development Cooperation, where she worked for six years. Ms. Faremo was born in 1955 in Byglandsfjord, Norway. She is quadrilingual, fluent in English, Danish and Swedish, aside from her Norwegian mother tongue. She is married and has one daughter.

Gunhild Stordalen.
Founder and Executive Chair of EAT Foundation

Gunhild A. Stordalen is the founder and executive chair of EAT. She is a driving force in linking climate, health and sustainability issues across sectors to transform the global food system.

Together with her husband Petter A. Stordalen, Gunhild established the Stordalen Foundation in 2011, under which she later founded the EAT Initiative together with Professor Johan Rockström and the Stockholm Resilience Center (SRC). In 2014, they gathered 400 leaders from 28 countries for the inaugural EAT Stockholm Food Forum. In 2016, the Wellcome Trust joined the SRC and the Stordalen Foundation as core partner of EAT and helped grow the initiative to become a global multi-stakeholder platform for transforming the world’s food system.

Gunhild sits on several boards and councils including the United Nation’s Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Lead Group, the World Economic Forum (WEF) Stewardship Board on Food Systems and the WEF Global Future Council on Food Security and Agriculture, the British Telecom Group’s Committee for Sustainable and Responsible Business, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Partnership Council, and the international advisory board of the SRC.

Gunhild is a published scientist and a renowned public speaker with a distinct, personal voice and a passionate commitment to her work. WWF Sweden named her Environmental Hero of the Year in 2014 and in 2015 she was appointed a Young Global Leader by WEF. She has been ranked among the 150 most influential business communicators in Sweden by the news magazine Resumé and among the 100 most powerful women in Norway by the financial magazine Kapital. She has also been listed among the 25 most influential female leaders shaping the climate agenda in 2019.

Gunhild is a medical doctor from the University of Oslo and holds a PhD in pathology/orthopedic surgery. She is a Norwegian national.

Harriet Bulkeley
Professor of Geography

Harriet Bulkeley holds joint appointments as Professor in the Department of Geography, Durham University, and at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. Her research focuses on environmental governance and the politics of climate change, energy and sustainable cities. She has published 8 books, several edited collections and over 60 papers, including An Urban Politics of Climate Change (Routledge 2015) and Accomplishing Climate Governance (CUP 2016). Harriet currently Co-ordinates the H2020 NATURVATION project examining the role of urban innovation with nature based solutions for sustainable development and is a co-investigator on the H2020 REINVENT project examining the political and financial challenges of decarbonisation. She has undertaken commissioned research for the UK Government, European Commission, NGOs, UN-Habitat and the World Bank. In 2014, Harriet was awarded the King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Professorship in Environmental Science and a Visiting Professorship at Lund University, Sweden and in 2018 was granted the Back Award by the Royal Geographical Society in recognition of the policy impact of her work on climate change. She was elected as a Fellow of the British Academy in 2019.

Helena Molin Valdés
Head of Secretariat, Climate & Clean Air Coalition, UNEP

Helena is since 2013 heading up the Secretariat for the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) to Reduce Short-lived Climate Pollutants, hosted by UNEP in Paris. C40 is a partner in CCAC, leading its Municipal Solid Waste Initiative. CCAC is a multistakeholder partnership, unique in its kind, which has developed scientific reports on black carbon, methane and hydrofluorocarbons through its Scientific Advisory Panel, and delivers work in eleven partner-led initiatives on the ground. Helena is an experienced leader within the UN system. She was a senior executive with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) before joining UNEP, where she led work on resilience, disaster risk reduction, sustainable development, and climate change related topics. She led the Building Resilient Cities campaign until 2013. She was earlier UNISDR’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean and worked with the Pan American Health Organization on hospital mitigation and disaster preparedness. Before joining the UN Helena was a practicing architect and planner. She headed a Swedish NGO based in Central America that worked on municipal development, community-based and appropriate technology projects. She holds a Master’s degree in architecture, on development planning and implementation from Lund University.

Helle Søholt
Founding Partner & CEO of Gehl

Helle Søholt is the Founding Partner & CEO of Gehl and started Gehl with Professor Jan Gehl back in 2000. Her leadership has been instrumental in establishing Gehl as an internationally respected player in the field of urban design and development.

Today, she is a prominent leader in her field and has acted as an advisor to the City of Copenhagen as well as Scandinavian cities like Oslo, Stockholm, and Gothenburg, advocating for a new, people-oriented alternative to traditional city planning.

Internationally, she has worked in cities such as Cape Town, São Paulo, Mexico City, Seattle, New York, Vancouver, London, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, and Melbourne, adding to her global experience in developing and designing cities for people.

Helle Søholt is educated as an architect from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

Herman Mashaba
Executive Mayor of Johannesburg

Herman Philip Mashaba is the new Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg. Herman Mashaba was born on August 26 1959 in GaRamotse, Hammanskraal, Gauteng. He founded cosmetics company, Black Like Me, in 1985 and served as its CEO until January 2004. A consummate entrepreneur, he has investments in the property, financial services, insurance brokerage, bullet proof materials, private security, fuel distribution, global cleaning, facilities management and construction sectors. Executive Mayor Mashaba resigned his position as chairman of the Free Market Foundation to pursue a career in politics. He is the author of two books: “Black Like Me” and “Capitalist Crusader”. Executive Mayor Mashaba is married to Connie and they have two children, Khensani and Rhulani. He plays golf and tennis when he finds the time. He supports both Soweto soccer rivals Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs.

Jacob Bundsgaard
Mayor of Aarhus

Born on 28 February 1976 in Aarhus. Cand.scient.pol. (M.Sc. in Political Science) from Aarhus University, analyst. Married to Kirstine Helboe Johansen (born 1977). Together they have three children, Thorvald (b. 2004), Margrethe (b. 2006), and Severin (b. 2010). 

Childhood and education 1983 – 1992: Primary and lower secondary schooling at Skødstrup School 1992 – 1993: Exchange student (10th grade) in Pasadena, south of Houston, Texas, USA 1993 – 1996: Upper-secondary school leaving examination (math/chemistry) from Aarhus Katedralskole 1996 – 1998: Residence in London, working as a waiter 1998: Enrolled in the History programme at Aarhus University 1998 – 1999: Three-month journey to Australia 1999: Enrolled in the Political Science programme at Aarhus University 

Political career

1998: Member of DSU (Social Democratic Youth of Denmark), Frit Forum (Social Democratic Students of Denmark) and Socialdemokratiet (The Danish Social Democrats) 2002: Elected member of Aarhus City Council 2002 – 2008: Political spokesman, Aarhus City Council 2002 – 2006: Member of the Cultural Committee, City of Aarhus 2006 – 2009: Chairman of the Children and Young People Committee, City of Aarhus 2009 – 2009: Alderman, Department of Culture and Citizens’ Services, City of Aarhus 2010 – 2011: Alderman, Department for Children and Young people, City of Aarhus August 2011: Mayor of Aarhus January 2016: Vice-chairman of KL, Local Government Denmark (The national association and interest organisation of the 98 Danish municipalities) March 2018: Chairman of KL, Local Government Denmark

Jamie Margolin
Founder of Zero Hour

Jamie is a 17-year-old Colombian-American author, high school student, community organizer, activist & public speaker, and founder & co-executive director of the youth climate justice movement, Zero Hour. Her debut book “Youth To Power: Your Voice and How To Use It” comes out in 2020.

Jan Vapaavuori
Mayor of Helsinki

After an extensive career in Finnish national politics, Mr. Jan Vapaavuori became the Mayor of Helsinki in 2017 after winning the election with a record number of support. He represents the National Coalition Party, center-right moderately liberal movement. As his first task, he set forth a city strategy, laying ground for an ambitious four-year agenda. The strategy champions Helsinki as the “most functional city in the world” with a special focus on sustainable growth, digitalization, global problem solving, creativity and the best possible conditions for happy everyday city life. Mr. Vapaavuori is Finland’s former Minister of Economic Affairs. As Minister of Housing, he started the Housing First program that resulted in a decrease of long-term homelessness by fifty percent. From 2003 to 2015 Mr. Vapaavuori was a Member of Parliament. During his term as MP, he served as chair of the party’s parliamentary group. He has worked also as Vice President of the European Investment Bank.

Jason Channell
Managing Director, Citi Global Insights

Jason Channell, Managing Director, is  Global Head of Sustainable Finance within the newly created Citi Global Insights division, designed to provide thought leadership content and insight to the full breadth of Citi’s client base. Jason previously built and led Citi’s Sustainable and Responsible Investment Research team from within Citi Research, which was recently voted #1 in the Institutional Investor Survey. Throughout his career Jason’s research has covered many sectors, in particular spanning the energy spectrum of utilities, oil & gas, and alternative energy, and has been highly ranked in many sectors. Prior to joining Citi in 2011, he worked for Fidelity Investments and Goldman Sachs. His knowledge has led him to present to numerous governments, policymakers, supranationals and regulators around the world on energy policy and sustainability, including members of the US Senate Energy & Finance committees in Washington, as well as at various United Nations fora and to institutions as diverse as NASA and the Vatican. Jason is the lead author of some of Citi’s most-read thought leadership GPS reports, most notably the ‘Energy Darwinism’ GPS series which gained significant traction with institutional investors, corporates, governments and supranationals around the world, culminating in its presentation to the United Nations, with Jason chairing the related session of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Jason features widely in the international media in print, on-line, and on TV. He holds a degree in Engineering Science and Management from the University of Durham.

Jens Birgersson
CEO and President, ROCKWOOL Group

Jens Birgersson is President and CEO for the ROCKWOOL Group. The ROCKWOOL Group is a world leader in stone wool solutions covering building insulation, industrial and technical insulation for process industry, marine and offshore, customised solutions for industrial applications, wall and facade systems, acoustic ceilings, horticultural substrate solutions, engineered fibres solutions, noise and vibration control. The product portfolio is well placed to tackle many of today’s biggest sustainability and development challenges. Products are diverse and all contribute to shaping a circular economy, enhancing resource efficiency, and nurturing the safety, health, and wellbeing of those who make and use ROCKWOOL’s products. Jens joined the ROCKWOOL Group in 2015. Since then, ROCKWOOL has used a strong strategic focus on the Sustainable Development Goals as the main process to identify and account for key social and environmental impacts, and in 2016, six ambitious Group sustainability goals were set to drive substantial improvements in the ROCKWOOL’s environmental and safety performance by 2030. Sustainability at ROCKWOOL is embedded in every aspect of its business, and ROCKWOOL has made a commitment to drive an increased positive contribution to 10 UN SDGs and evaluates its SDG performance based on the effects of its products and its operational impacts.

Jenny Durkan
Mayor of Seattle

Jenny A. Durkan is the 56th Mayor of Seattle and the first woman to lead the City in nearly a century. She entered office on November 28, 2017 with the challenge of making Seattle affordable and inclusive for all. She is focused on the housing affordability crisis, helping those experiencing homelessness, creating economic opportunity for all, and providing free college tuition to Seattle’s high school graduates – while also delivering on essential city services.

Mayor Durkan, one of eight children, was raised in Seattle.  She graduated from the University of Notre Dame, taught school and coached girls basketball in a Yupik fishing village in Alaska, and then earned her J.D. at the University of Washington School of Law. She and her partner, Dana, have two sons.

Jesper Nygård
CEO, Realdania

Jesper Nygård is the CEO of Realdania. Mr. Nygård obtained an MSc in Public Administration from Roskilde Universitetscenter in 1989. He is Chairman of Realdania By & Byg and Bolius, Vice Chairman of Fondenes Videncenter (Danish Foundations’ Knowledge Center) and board member of C40 Cities, Danish Architecture Center, Fonden for Socialt Ansvar (Federation for Social Responsibility) and Brøndbyernes I.F. Fodbold A/S (Danish soccer club) Mr. Nygård joined the Supervisory Board of Realdania in 2003 and was elected chairman in 2009. He resigned from the Supervisory Board on 4 June 2013, when becoming CEO of Realdania. Before joining Realdania, he was CEO of KAB, a large Danish non-profit social housing association, from 1996-2013. Mr. Nygård has previously served as Chairman of the Board of Landsbyggefonden (the national social housing fund) from 2000-2013; Chairman of the Board of the Social Housing Association AKB from 1988 to 1996 (Board member from 1983-1996) and Chairman of the National Federation of Housing Associations from 1993 to 1996 (board member 1990-2013).  Mr. Nygård is an active public debater. He lives in Birkerød north of Copenhagen with his wife Tine and two daughters.

Jim Kenney
Mayor of Philadelphia

Since taking office in January 2016, Mayor Jim Kenney has implemented a progressive agenda that supports working families and creates more opportunities for our city’s children. He worked closely with City Council to pass a tax on sweetened beverages — to fund bold anti-poverty initiatives, including the expansion of free, quality pre-K; the creation of Community Schools; and the historic investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries. Building on his early commitment to education, Mayor Kenney successfully initiated the return of the School District to local control, and for the first time in nearly two decades, the District is led by a locally appointed Board of Education. The Kenney Administration has taken a hard stance — and made national headlines — in defending its values as a Welcoming City. Philadelphia has also made significant strides in public safety and criminal justice reform. The City safely reduced its prison population by over a third as part of the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge, and the number of pedestrian stops have been cut nearly cut in half. At the same time, the city is experiencing the lowest overall crime rates in nearly 40 years.

John Tory
Mayor of Toronto

Born and raised in Toronto, Mayor Tory has spent his life giving back to the city he loves, through his tireless work in public, private sector and philanthropic roles. Elected as the 65th Mayor of Toronto in 2014 and re-elected in 2018, John Tory is making the city more liveable, affordable and functional. He has improved the way people move around this city, fighting traffic congestion and speeding up major construction projects; introducing free transit for kids 12 and under and discounted transit for low income residents; championing a transit network expansion plan that includes the Relief Line, SmartTrack, the Eglinton East and Eglinton West LRT, Bloor Danforth Subway Extension to Scarborough and the Waterfront Transit Network; and securing $9 billion in transit investments from other levels of government – the single biggest infrastructure investment in this city’s history. He has kept taxes low, while investing in priority services including affordable housing and poverty reduction, and modernizing the government services on which people rely. Under his leadership, Toronto has attracted jobs and investment and emerged as an undisputed centre of innovation and opportunity on the world stage. Mayor Tory and his wife Barbara have been married for 41 years, and have four children and five grandchildren.

Jorge Muñoz Wells
Mayor of Lima

Jorge Muñoz Wells is currently the mayor of the city of Lima, elected for the period 2019 – 2022. He was also mayor in two consecutive periods of the District of Miraflores (2011 – 2018) Also, he was alderman in Miraflores during three periods (1999 – 2010), as a Lieutenant Mayor between 2003 and 2006. And served as Municipal Director of Miraflores (1996 – 1998). Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru and Master in Territorial Planning and Environmental Management at the Barcelona University; Jorge Muñoz is an executive, with extensive experience in management, planning and administration of public and private institutions. Moreover, he worked as a professor and has been part of prestigious law firms. He has studied courses in management in Japan and citizen security in Israel. He was a member of the National Council of Competitiveness (CNC) and also President of the National Network Coordinator of OMAPED, devoting great effort to disabled people. Actually, he is a member of the Consultative Council for the Competitiveness at Pacifico University. Vocation of service and experience, lead him to pursue his great dream of transforming Lima city, making honest politics, and focus in a government that thinks about people.

Josefina 'Joy' Belmonte
Mayor, Quezon City

Josefina Belmonte is the newly-elected Mayor of Quezon City. Prior to this, she served as the Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer of the 18th to 20th Quezon City Councils from 2010 to 2019. In her nine years as a public servant, she was awarded with various recognitions from international and local organizations such as Most Outstanding Vice Mayor by the Gawad Sulo ng Bayan, one of People Asia’s Women of Style and Substance, and the Mothers’ Heart Heritage Award as Outstanding Woman in Local Legislation and Service to Women and Children by the Women’s Federation for World Peace, among many others. 

Under her leadership, the Department of the Interior and Local Government also conferred upon the Quezon City Council the Local Legislative Award for Best Sangguniang Panlungsod in the Philippines for two consecutive terms.  Through her initiative, the City Council passed many landmark measures, such as the Ordinance creating the Quezon City Housing, Community Development and Resettlement Department, and the Environment and Waste Management Code of Quezon City.

She is currently the Executive Vice President of The League of Cities of the Philippines.

Joyce Ma
China Country Director, The Nature Conservancy

Joyce Ma, China Country Director of The Nature Conservancy, is responsible for running China Program which, with the support of our China Board, continues to expand its impact both in China and beyond. Joyce brings extensive leadership experience in team management and government relations from her decades-long work in senior-level roles at multinational telecom companies in China. Before joining TNC in 2016, Joyce spent 20 years at Ericsson where she was responsible for the company’s strategic business plan.

Kamilla Seidler
Culinary Director

Having been voted Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2016 with Restaurant Gustu in La Paz, Bolivia Danish chef Kamilla Seidler is a household name in international cuisine. And her work for work conditions, gender equality, and sustainability in the kitchens have all been established in the celebrated Chefs Manifesto. A set of principles that she helped initiate. Before moving to Bolivia in 2012, Seidler’s cooking career was already on a firm footing. She had worked in some of the world’s best kitchens, from Mugaritz in San Sebastian and Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire, to locally celebrated restaurants Paustian and Geist in her native Copenhagen. Now back in Copenhagen she is on the verge of opening her own restaurant with a socio gastronomic perspective, Lola, ultimo 2019, which builds on the principles of The Chefs Manifesto. It’s this combination of culinary skill and social commitment that have helped earn Seidler her reputation as one of the most exciting and respected chefs in the world.

Karin Tuxen-Bettman
Program Manager

Karin Tuxen-Bettman leads the Google Earth Outreach Program and Project Air View at Google, which works to help nonprofit and public benefit organizations use Google’s mapping tools to address our world’s most pressing problems. Karin has been with Google since early 2008, and has since worked on the Google Earth Outreach team. Her background includes over 15 years working in GIS and remote sensing technologies, which she applied to her PhD in environmental sciences, from the University of California, Berkeley. Several years ago, she founded and now leads Project Air View, Google’s effort to map air quality using Google Street View vehicles, with the goal of making hyper-local air quality more accessible and useful.

Katarina Luhr
Vice Mayor of Environment and Climate of Stockholm

Katarina Luhr was born in 1973 and grew up in Ronneby in the south of Sweden. She has a background as a pharmacist and holds a PhD in neuroscience. She entered the Stockholm City Council in 2010 representing the Green party. After the general elections in 2018 the City Council elected Katarina Luhr Vice Mayor of Environment and Climate.

Kate Hampton
CEO, The Children's Investment Fund Foundation

Kate became CEO in March 2016, having run CIFF’s Climate Change team since 2009.

Kate is a member of the FP2020 Reference Group and she sits on the board of the European Climate Foundation.  Current advisory roles include to the Observer Research Foundation (India) and the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development. She has been featured in the top 100 Profiles of Paris, a collection of stories from the key people who created the Paris Agreement.

Kate’s career spans roles in government, finance, consulting, a think tank and NGOs. Before joining CIFF she was Head of Policy at Climate Change Capital, a boutique investment firm with $1.5 billion under management, advising asset managers and multinational companies on clean energy opportunities. She has also advised policy-makers in a number of roles, including as Senior Policy Advisor for the United Kingdom’s G8 and EU presidencies in 2005, and as a Sherpa to the EU High-Level Group on Competitiveness, Energy and Environment in 2007.

In 2008, Kate was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. She holds a BSc from the London School of Economics and a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, where she was a Fulbright Scholar.  She has also completed the Singularity University Executive Programme. She speaks French and Spanish fluently.

Kate Hughes
Deputy Director for International Climate and Energy, BEIS

Kate Hughes is Deputy Director for International Climate and Energy at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. She oversees BEIS’s share of the 5.8bn International Climate Fund, which delivers a range of programmes designed to support developing countries to respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change. The portfolio includes projects aimed at reducing deforestation, mobilising private finance, scaling up low carbon technologies and providing cutting-edge technical assistance, drawing on UK clean growth expertise. She has been involved in the UN Climate Action Summit, and is also part of the COP26 Presidency team. Kate is Chair of UK Climate Investments and the UK Alternate Board member for the Green Climate Fund (GCF). She has co-chaired the Climate Investment Funds and Clean Technology Fund committee meetings, and is the Chair of the GCF’s Investment Committee. Previously Kate led a team in the Department for International Development on sustainable energy and has also led teams on smart meter roll out, public sector energy efficiency, and sustainable consumption and production.

Kate Power
Programme Director (Sustainable Behaviour), KR Foundation

Programme Director, KR Foundation Kate is responsible for KR Foundation’s work on sustainable consumption, behavior change and related areas. Kate is an expert in sustainable consumption and behaviour change, with a Masters degree in gender, anthropology and development, and 15 years’ experience in the non-profit sector as a campaigner, researcher and knowledge broker. Kate has held positions at (inter alia) Copenhagen Resource Institute, Copenhagen Business School and Greenpeace International. As a sustainable consumption consultant, Kate’s clients have included the European Environment Agency, European Commission, and Nordic Council of Ministers.

Kate Raworth
Senior Associate, University of Oxford

Kate Raworth is an economist dedicated to making economics fit for the 21st century. Her book Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist is an international bestseller that has been translated into 15 languages, and it was long-listed for the 2017 Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year award. She teaches at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, and is an advisor to the Global Challenges programme of the Stockholm School of Economics and to the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity at the University of Surrey. Over the past two decades, Kate has worked as Senior Researcher at Oxfam, as economist and co-author of the UN’s Human Development Report, and as a Fellow of the Overseas Development Institute based in the villages of Zanzibar. She holds a BA and MSc from Oxford University and an honorary doctorate from Business School Lausanne.

KS Wong
Secretary for the Environment of Hong Kong, China

Mr KS Wong was born in 1963 and graduated from the Department of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong. He received further education on sustainable built environment in the postgraduate program from the University of British Columbia in Canada. He assumed the post of the Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government on 1 July 2012. As an architect by profession, Mr Wong has been promoting sustainable built environment since 1990s. His designs and researches on sustainable built environment have won him various local and overseas awards. He served as the founder Chairman of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the Chairman of the Professional Green Building Council and the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Building Council, and has contributed to the promotion and research of the standards and guidelines for sustainable built environment applicable to the high-density urban environment of Hong Kong. During his tenure as the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong has launched a number of environmental policy blueprints, including “A Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong”, the “Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022”, the “Energy Saving Plan for Hong Kong’s Built Environment 2015~2025+”, the “Hong Kong Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2021” and the “Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+”.

LaToya Cantrell
Mayor of New Orleans

Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans, Louisiana served as President of the Broadmoor Improvement Association, which assisted in neighborhood redevelopments following Hurricane Katrina. Through her leadership, Broadmoor is now considered an international model for disaster recovery. Mayor Cantrell was elected to City Council in 2012, and in May 2018 she was sworn in as the first female Mayor of New Orleans.

Luigi Brugnaro
Mayor of Venice

Father of 5 children: Valentina, Andrea, Piera Maria, Jacopo and Ettore. In love with Stefania. Born in Mirano in 1961. Son of Mary, elementary school teacher and Ferruccio, a worker, union leader and poet. He is the founder of Umana, a 600 million euro revenue group that brings together 23 companies active in the field of services, manufacturing, construction, sport and agriculture. But Umana is also the name of the employment agency founded in 1997 and in a few years has become a leader in the sector. In 2006 he took over the Reyer basketball team. In 2017 and 2019 the Umana Reyer Venice men’s team graduated from Italy and in 2018 won the FIBA ​​Europe Cup. From 2009 to 2013 he was president of Confindustria Venice and a member of the national executive of Confindustria Since 2015 he is Mayor of Venice, Vice-President of the Venice Civic Museums Foundation, President of the La Fenice Theater Foundation and Vice-President of the Biennale. First, in Italy, he signed a “blind trust” making all the shares of the companies he owned flow together. He is also Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Venice.

Mads Nipper
Group President and CEO of the Grundfos Group

Mads Nipper was born in 1966. He started his professional career from an educational background as MSc in Business Administration from Aarhus University in 1991. Before joining Grundfos, Mads Nipper had a long career (1991 – 2014) in the Lego Group, starting as media consultant and with several managerial positions until his last position as Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Management Board (2011-2014).

August 2014, Mads was appointed Group President and CEO of the Grundfos Group. 

Privately Mads is married to Gitte Hedegaard Nipper, and they have two children (Sarah and Andreas). 

Other positions

Mads is member of the Board of Directors at B&O, Bang & Olufsen and Vice Chairman of the international food company, Danish Crown. In the Confederation of Danish Industries, Mads is Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee and member of the Committee on Business Policy. 

In 2017 Mads Nipper was appointed by the Danish Government to represent Denmark in the Business and Sustainable Development Commission. This commission consisted of a number of the world’s leading business leaders who contributed to United Nations’ conversion of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into business goals (“Better Business, Better World”).

Maimunah Mohd Sharif
Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Maimunah Mohd Sharif (Malaysia) is the Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), appointed at the level of Under-Secretary-General by the Secretary-General, following an election by the General Assembly on 22 December 2017. She succeeds Dr. Joan Clos of Spain.


Prior to this appointment, Ms. Sharif was the Mayor of the City Council of Penang Island, Malaysia. In 2011, she was the first woman to be appointed President of the Municipal Council of Seberang Perai. As mayor of a local authority, she led the Municipal Council of Seberang Perai to achieve its vision of a “cleaner, greener, safer and healthier place to work, live, invest and play.” Ms. Sharif began her career as a Town Planner at the Municipal Council of Penang Island in 1985. In 2003, she was promoted to Director of Planning and Development, a position she held until November 2009.


Born in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, on 26 August 1961, Ms. Sharif holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Town Planning Studies from the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, UK and a Master of Science in Planning Studies from the Malaysia Science University.

Maria Neira
Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, World Health Organization

Dr. Maria P. Neira has been directing the Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health at the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland since September 2005. Throughout her tenure and up until now she has led and advised on policy and management in key areas of environmental health. 

Prior to that, she served as Under-Secretary of Health and President of the Spanish Food Safety Agency. 

From 1993-1998 she was Coordinator of the Global Task Force on Cholera Control.

Dr Neira began her career as a medical coordinator working with refugees in El Salvador and Honduras for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). She then spent several years working in different African countries during armed conflicts. 

Born in the city of Oviedo, Asturias, Dr. Neira is a Spanish national, a medical doctor by training and specialized in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases; and Public Health. 

Among many distinctions, she has been awarded the Médaille de l’Ordre national du Mérite by the Government of France and received an “Extraordinary Woman” award by HM Queen Letizia of Spain. Earlier this year, she was nominated among the top 100 policy influencers in health and climate change.  

Marieke van Doorninck
Deputy Mayor for Spatial Development and Sustainability in Amsterdam

Marieke van Doorninck is Deputy Mayor for Spatial Development and Sustainability in Amsterdam since 2018. From 2006 until 2014 she was in City councillor for GroenLinks in Amsterdam. The last five years as Chairperson.

Prior to her current role she was General Coordinator ASKV (Support Center for Refugees) en she was Duo Chairperson for Mama Cash, an organization that supports women’s rights.

Mark Watts
Executive Director, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Mark has served as Executive Director of C40 since December 2013, during which time the organisation has grown from 63 to 94 of world’s greatest cities. Mark is proud to head a fast-growing team of 200 staff in supporting bold, collaborative mayors to demonstrate that tackling climate change will deliver economically stronger and more equitable cities. Prior to joining C40, Mark was Director at pioneering engineering and design firm, Arup, and before that was a senior adviser to the Mayor of London, in which role the London Evening Standard described him as “the intellectual force behind Ken Livingstone’s drive to make London a leading light of the battle against global warming.” He reports to C40 Chairperson and Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and C40 Board President, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. He has been featured in the top 100 Profiles of Paris, a collection of stories from the key people who created the Paris Agreement. Mark believes that work should be fun, but that there is always time for music, narrowboats, and places you can get to by bicycle.

Martin Walsh
Mayor of Boston

Martin J. Walsh, a lifelong champion of working people and a proud product of the City of Boston, is the City’s 54th mayor. Since taking office in 2014, Mayor Walsh has strengthened Boston’s public school system, led Boston to the forefront of the global innovation economy, and launched the first citywide plan in half a century. He has addressed the City’s tremendous need for housing with an ambitious plan, setting records for new affordable and middle-class homes and putting the City on a path to effectively ending chronic homelessness. Mayor Walsh’s administration has been hailed by President Obama for expanding young people’s opportunities and breaking new ground in crime prevention and police-community relations. Other milestones include the nation’s first municipal Office of Recovery Services to prevent and treat substance abuse; the City’s first Cultural Plan in a generation, to restore Boston’s identity as an arts leader; the City’s first perfect AAA bond ratings, unlocking unprecedented investments in parks, libraries, and public safety. He is the founding vice-chair of the Cities of Opportunity Task Force at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, elevating the national conversation on income inequality.

May Boeve
Executive Director,

May Boeve is the Executive Director of, an international climate change campaign.’s creative communications, organizing, and mass mobilizations strive to generate the sense of urgency required to tackle the climate crisis. Previously, May co-founded and helped lead the Step It Up 2007 campaign, and prior to that was active in the campus climate movement while a student at Middlebury College. May is the co-author of Fight Global Warming Now. She lives in the Bay Area.

Mbacké Seck
Deputy Mayor of Dakar

Mette Frederiksen
Prime Minister of Denmark

2019 – Prime Minister of Denmark
2015 – Party Leader of The Social Democratic Party
2014 – 2015 Minister for Justice
2011 – 2014 Minister for Employment
2005 – 2011 Deputy Party Leader of The Social Democratic Party
2001 – Member of the Danish Parliament for The Social Democratic Party
2000 – 2001 Youth consultant for the Danish Federation of Trade Unions

Mette Skjold
CEO and Partner, SLA

Mette Skjold is partner and CEO of SLA and has more than 15 years of experience in sustainable urban planning and architecture, solving some of today’s hardest urban problems. Thus, Mette has a deep understanding of creating high quality and green public spaces to improve public health and stimulate social interactions – while helping urban challenges regarding climate, sustainability, economy and social diversity. Besides her master’s degree in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture, Mette holds an international master’s degree in Leadership and Innovation from Copenhagen Business School. She is also a member of The City of Copenhagen’s Business Council, whose main goal is to strengthen the collaboration between the municipality, the private industry, and the city’s education- and research institutions.

Michael R. Bloomberg
C40 Board President, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, and 108th Mayor of New York City.

Michael R. Bloomberg founded a financial information start-up in 1981 and built it into a global media company with nearly 20,000 employees. In 2001, he was elected mayor of New York City and served for three terms, raising high school graduation rates by 40 percent, reducing city greenhouse gas emissions by 14 percent, and increasing life expectancy by 3 years. He has since resumed leadership of Bloomberg LP.

Bloomberg is an international leader in the fight against climate change. He has made the issue a top priority of his foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and serves as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action. As President of the Board of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and Co-Chair of the Global Covenant of Mayors, he has rallied cities to set ambitious climate-related goals and measure their progress in doing so. He is also working to involve the financial industry in the effort against climate change.

His latest initiative, Beyond Carbon, is the largest-ever coordinated U.S. campaign to fight the climate crisis, bringing his total global investment on the issue to $1 billion. Bloomberg is co-author, with Carl Pope, of the New York Times bestseller Climate of Hope.

Michael Jarlner
International Editor, Politiken

International Editor at Politiken & tech editor, author, professional moderator. Board member of Danish Foreign Policy Society.

Michael Müller
Governing Mayor of Berlin

Mike Sonko
Governor of Nairobi City County

His Excellency, Mike Mbuvi Sonko is the current Governor of Nairobi City County. He was the elected Senator for Nairobi in the 11th Parliament between 2013-2017 and Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency in the 10th Parliament. He acknowledges that Nairobi City is the gateway to Kenya and serves as an important economic hub for the wider East Africa region. Governor Sonko believes that through his leadership, the City will be transformed into an equitable and sustainable city for all residents. Towards this end, the Governor has put in place a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals from various disciplines to help him actualize that vision. Since his inauguration, he has been working to safeguard and prudently use all the resources available to the City towards policies, programmes and activities, aligned at improving the welfare and quality of life for both people and ecosystems. In fact, his administration has deliberately initiated and accelerated infrastructure projects and activities to improve accessibility to food markets, enhance mobility, clean-up of river systems, improve healthcare, and tackle the proliferation of waste within the City. These and many more initiatives play a crucial role in enhancing livelihoods and improving the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.

Minik Rosing
Professor of Geology at Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen

Minik Rosing is a professor of Geology at Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen. His research has focused on the origins of life on Earth, and how life has impacted Earth’s environment through geologic time. Understanding the dynamics between life, rocks, atmosphere and oceans, that have maintained Earth habitable through billions of years, is crucial for understanding human impacts on the environment today, and to device means to mitigate change and avert collapse of the ecosystems that sustain our civilization.  It is now firmly established, that all aspects of Earth environments are influenced by human behavior. While documenting global change is still an important research topic, it is increasingly urgent to focus attention on what can be done to reduce human impact, and slow or reverse global change. As a native of Greenland, Minik Rosing has worked on how Greenland can engage in mitigating global problems, while at the same time pursue harmonious development of Arctic societies.

Mohammad Sayeed Khokon
Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation

Mohammad Sayeed Khokon is the first elected Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation. He is popularly known as Sayeed Khokon, young, fast and spirited by perfection. Well conversant with forecast, remarkably sensible in organizing, managing and leading in any stages. Can surprisingly foresee and convert the possibilities into opportunities and ensure sub consequent result. Can prudently adopt principles accordingly to the circumstances. He came of age during a time of turbulent change in history, grew up with own choices and opportunities, chartered his own course responding to the changing times and his own internal compass-he became an emblem. He witnessed the history, experienced the changes and learned through the decades. He is a proud son, a responsible husband, a loving father, a successful businessman and above all, with a big enchanting voice like father, he is very persuasive and articulate—-a people’s leader.

M. Adjei Sowah
Mayor of Accra

Mohammed Adjei Sowah, the Mayor of Accra holds an MSc in Local Economic Development from the Institute of Local Government Studies, Ghana. Prior to that, he pursued a course in Public Administration and Youth Development at the University of Ghana where he successfully obtained BSc Administration and Diploma in Youth Development respectively. Mayor Sowah holds a certificate in Strategic Management, Human Resource Development & Planning from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. Mayor Sowah represents African Mayor’s on the C40 Cities Steering Committee. Mayor Sowah is a Social Entrepreneur with over 23 years of work in local economic and urban development especially in the area of informal economies and small business development. Mayor Adjei Sowah serves on the Advisory Board of “The Beyond Aid Project”, a social enterprise that builds capacity for young vulnerable women and men in rural and urban poor communities to add value to locally available raw materials for their economic empowerment. He is a member of the Marine Drive Project Business Advisory Council. The Marine drive is an ambitious Beach Front Development in Accra. Mayor Adjei Sowah is Chairman of Board of The Greater Accra Public Transport Executive (BRT) and the Greater Accra Swimming Association.

Mxolisi Kaunda
Mayor of Durban (eThekwini)

Mayor Kaunda has a rich socio-political background. He led the ANC Youth League as the Provincial Secretary and Chairperson. Currently, he is the Member of the Provincial Executive Committee of the ANC and Sub-Committee Chairperson for Economic Transformation. Kaunda obtained his Diploma in Governance and Leadership from UNISA and an Advanced Diploma in Governance and Public Leadership from the University of Witwatersrand. Between 2000 and 2009, he was elected as a Ward Councillor and Proportional Representation Councillor (PR) in eThekwini Municipality. As a PR Councillor, he served in the Economic Development and Planning Sub-Committee (ECOD). The ECOD includes Environmental and Town Planning Scheme Regulations and enforcement, Building Regulations, Agriculture and Commercial Farming, Local economic development as well as Energy Program. In 2009-14, he was elected as a Member of the Provincial Legislature and Chairperson of the Transport Portfolio Committee. In 2014, he was re-elected and continued to chair the same portfolio and served in the Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs as well as Community Safety and Liaison Portfolio Committees. In 2016-19, he was appointed as the Member of the Executive Council for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, until he was redeployed to eThekwini Metro as the Mayor.

Naoko Ishii
CEO and Chair of the Global Environment Facility

Naoko Ishii, elected as CEO and Chair of the Global Environment Facility in 2012, has led the development and implementation of the GEF’s first-ever long-term strategy. It positioned the GEF to address the underlying drivers of environmental degradation and to catalyze systems transformation in energy, cities and food systems while protecting critical ecosystems. She successfully concluded two international replenishment negotiations, both of which mobilized more than 4 billion US dollars for the GEF. Before joining the GEF, Naoko was the Deputy Vice Minister of Finance of Japan. She worked as a Country Director for the World Bank and has held positions at the IMF and Harvard Institute for International Development. Naoko has published numerous papers and several books and is the inaugural recipient of the 2006 Enjoji Jiro Memorial Prize. She holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo.

Nicholas Reece
Councillor of Melbourne

Niels Lund
Vice President for Health Advocacy, Novo Nordisk

Niels Lund is Vice President for Health Advocacy in Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Niels is responsible for managing Changing Diabetes flagship programmes (including Cities Changing Diabetes), and the Access to Insulin Commitment (including Changing Diabetes in Children and Partnering for Change with the International Committee for the Red Cross). Furthermore, his responsibilities include partnerships with patient organisations and patient advocates globally. Niels acts as co-Chair of the Health and Healthcare Strategy Officers’ Council in the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is a contributor to WEF’s Agenda blog platform. Niels is MSc (Economics) from the University of Copenhagen and MBA (Health Services Management) from the George Washington University, Washington DC. He joined Novo Nordisk in 2007 as a health economist and worked in various functions before being appointed Vice President in 2012. Before joining Novo Nordisk, Niels worked in international development with assignments for UNICEF in India and the World Bank in Washington DC.

Ninna Hedeager Olsen
Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs in Copenhagen

Ninna Hedeager Olsen is Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs at the City of Copenhagen 2018-2022.

The Technical and Environmental Administration governs subject matters in Copenhagen Municipality such as infrastructure i.e. roads, bike lanes and pedestrian walks, upkeep of green urban spaces, pollution, maintenance, construction projects, disadvantaged areas, and social housing projects.

Ninna has a red and green political profile. Her fundamental political issues are to strengthen Copenhagen’s disadvantaged areas, increase the availability of high-quality and affordable housing for people of average income, improve sustainable and public transportation, as well as create attractive, democratic and accessible urban open spaces.

Pauline Kahiga
County Executive for Food and Agriculture, Nairobi

Penny Hulse
Councillor of Auckland

Councillor Penny Hulse comes from a background deeply rooted in community and cares passionately about the Auckland region and its people as a whole.  She has served on local bodies for the Waitakere and Auckland region for 27 years.

Penny is currently an Auckland Councillor and was the first Deputy Mayor of the newly-formed Auckland Council commencing 2010. Before that, she was Deputy Mayor of Waitakere City.  Waitakere City was an Eco City committed to sustainable urban design focused on reducing climate change impacts and enabling a more sustainable future. She is now Chair of the Environment and Community Committee. 

Penny was a driving force behind the Auckland Unitary Plan, the first region-wide plan giving effect to Auckland’s spatial plan, for the newly amalgamated Auckland.  At its heart this plan enshrines the development of a Compact City. She also secured regional funding for Project Twin Streams, a community and environmental restoration project which mobilized 10,000 volunteers and which is being duplicated nationally. Penny has often cycled to work and is a grandmother committed to a better world for her grandchildren.

Pia Heidenmark Cook
Chief Sustainability Officer at Ingka Group

Pia Heidenmark Cook is, since February 2018, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ingka Group (a strategic partner in the IKEA franchise system with 367 stores in 30 countries). 

Pia leads a team of sustainability professionals in the global office, as well as sustainability experts integrated across the retail, shopping centre and customer fulfillment business across 30 countries.

Prior to her current role she was head of Sustainability in IKEA Group Retail & Expansion, embedding sustainability in IKEAs retail operations and securing a more sustainable offer to IKEA customers. She was for several years (ended 2017) co-chair of REAP, Retailers Environmental Action Programme, together with a member of the EU Commission. 

Before joining IKEA in 2008, Pia worked as Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility at the Rezidor Hotel Group. During this period, Pia chaired the tourism branch of Prince of Wales Business Leader’s Forum. 

Pia holds both a Technical Licentiate degree and a M.Sc. in Environmental Management, from the University of Lund, Sweden, and a M.Sc. in International Business Administration and Economics from Uppsala University, Sweden. Pia has worked with, lectured and studied CSR/sustainability related topics since 1996, both across academia, consultancy and business, mainly across tourism and retail sector.

Rafal Trzaskowski
President of Warsaw

Rafał Trzaskowski President of Warsaw, Vice-Chair of the European People’s Party, Member of the Board of Eurocities and academic scholar. Former; Minister of Administration and Digitization, Minister of EU Affairs, Member of the Polish Parliament, Member of the European Parliament. Speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian. Married with two children.

Rana Adib
Executive Secretary, REN21

Rana Adib is the Executive Secretary of REN21, the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century. REN21 is a global public-private multi-stakeholder network on renewable energy headquartered at the United Nations Environment Programme in Paris/France. Previously, Rana was REN21’s Research Coordinator developing the international expert community and leading the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report series to become an international reference. Prior to REN21, Rana worked in private industry and applied research in the areas of renewable energy, energy access, and waste management. She was also responsible for coordinating the biogas-to-energy research programme of Veolia Environment. Rana holds a Master Degree in industrial engineering from the University of Wedel in Germany. She has over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector.

Raymond Johansen
Mayor of Oslo

Governing Mayor, Raymond Johansen (Labour Party) was elected to the City Council of Oslo in 2015 and appointed governing mayor after establishing a City Government Coalition composed of the Labour Party, the Socialist Left Party and the Green Party. Governing Mayor Johansen was Secretary General in the Labor Party from 2009 to 2015 and served as State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during both government periods of Mr. Jens Stoltenberg (2000-01 / 2005-09). He has previously been Vice Mayor of Transport and Environment in the City Government of Oslo (1991-95) from the Socialist Left Party and leader of Socialist Left Youth Party (1986-88). Mr. Johansen has extensive international experience and has been Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Head of department in the Norwegian agency for International Development (Norad) and Chargé d’Affairs at the Norwegian Embassy in Asmara, Eritrea.

Ron Huldai
Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo

Ron Huldai was elected for his fifth consecutive five-year term as Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2018. Mayor Huldai’s most important goal has been to maintain Tel Aviv-Yafo as a bastion of the cherished values of tolerance, acceptance, diversity and democracy. To this end, he has actively promoted policies and budgets to support the various groups that reside in the city. These include: ensuring Affirmative Action for minority employees in the Municipality; establishing a municipal center for the LGBT community; building and financing of facilities of Special Education facilities to serve children from dozens of municipalities across the country; upgrading services to Holocaust survivors; proving far-reaching extensive welfare programs; and more. Thanks to Mayor Huldai’s long-term economic vision for Tel Aviv-Yafo, it has positioned itself as a global center of innovation and creativity and has become known as “the Startup City of the Startup Nation”. Under Mayor Huldai’s tenure, Tel Aviv-Yafo has truly become a global city, which has further developed and enhanced its broad international activity in numerous fields. In addition, in recent years, Tel Aviv-Yafo joined many city networks worldwide that exchange know-how, such as C40 for climate change; 100 Resilient Cities; OECD’s Inclusive Growth; the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, U20, to name a few. Tel Aviv-Yafo has also been awarded international recognition in almost every sphere.

Robert Beugre Mambe
Ministre-Gouverneur of Abidjan

Sarah Prichard
UK Managing Director, BuroHappold Engineering

Sarah joined BuroHappold Engineering as a graduate in January 2001, having completed her PhD on the response of concrete to impact. She is one of the practice’s leaders in building vibrations and dynamics. In the course of her design career, she worked on projects including transport stations, schools, stadia, hospitals, and laboratories. She has developed a passion for the delivery of multidisciplinary projects across several sectors, ensuring a high quality of delivery and client satisfaction. Sarah spent 3 years in Qatar leading the supervision of the engineering works on Phase 2 and 3 of the Msheireb Downtown Doha Project, formerly known as the Heart of Doha. This project entirely recreates the centre of Doha in a sustainable and sympathetic way for the 21st century. Sarah mentors engineers and technicians, and is chartered with the ICE and the IStructE in the UK. In leading large, complex projects she has become a truly holistic and multi-disciplinary designer and project director. Sarah is an ardent advocate for inclusivity and diversity, is an LGBT ally and actively leads initiatives to help break down the stigma of mental health within the engineering profession. Sarah is a Partner at BuroHappold and the UK Buildings Managing Director.

Seble Samuel
Youth Climate Advocate, Addis Ababa

Seble Samuel is a young Ethiopian-Canadian climate justice advocate, working as the East Africa Communications and Knowledge Management Officer for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), where she creates multimedia narratives for climate resilience across East African food systems and livelihoods. Seble is a graduate of McGill University and the University of Oxford, in geography and environmental change, and has been involved in climate change projects across Canada, Latin America and East Africa. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, she is a member of the coordinating committee for Menged Le Sew, a monthly open streets movement focused on healthy active lifestyles, ecological sustainability and safe streets, and of the Global Shapers Addis Ababa Hub where she is co-coordinating a campaign to ban plastic bags in Ethiopia. CCAFS is currently working on developing climate-resilient food systems and exploring the possibilities of sustainable urban agriculture, city composting and circular systems, to make urban centers and food systems increasingly resilient to climate change. The Global Shapers Addis Ababa Hub mobilizes young people to impact their community with a focus on community dialogue, entrepreneurship, and environment.

Sheela Patel
Founder Director, Society for Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC)

Sheela Patel is the founder Director of the Society for Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC), an NGO that has been working since 1984 to support community organizations of the urban poor in their efforts to access secure housing and basic amenities and seek their right to the city. She is also a founder member and Chair of the Board of Slum Dwellers International (SDI), an international network of poor people’s organizations and the NGOs that support them in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and is currently its Chairperson. She is widely recognized for seeking urgent attention to the issues of urban poverty, housing, and infrastructure onto the radar of governments, bilateral and international agencies, foundations and other organizations. 

SPARC has been working in alliance with two Community Based Organizations – National Slum Dwellers Federation (NSDF) and Mahila Milan (women’s collectives in slums) that are active in 70 cities in different states of India. Since 1999, she has also been Secretary and Chief Executive of SPARC Samudaya Nirman Sahayak (SSNS), a non-profit company set up to assist slum communities take on construction projects in cities to provide slum dwellers to build homes and sanitation for themselves.

Shefali Ranganatha
Deputy Mayor of Seattle

Shirley Rodrigues
Deputy Mayor of London for Environment and Energy

Shirley Rodrigues was appointed as Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy in October 2016. Previously she oversaw a global climate change grants portfolio at the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), and has developed and delivered new environmental policies and programmes in London, nationally and internationally. 

She is now working to deliver the Mayor’s vision of making London greener, cleaner and healthier, recently overseeing the publication of the Mayor’s London Environment Strategy. This includes ambitious plans to reduce air pollution across London, help the capital become a zero-carbon city by 2050 and making London the first National Park City.

Sisse Marie Welling
Mayor of Health & Care of Copenhagen

Stefan Knupfer
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Stefan leads McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice in the Americas and has global responsibility for helping the firm’s consultants develop sustainability expertise. He works with clients globally, including multiple recent projects in Brazil, China, Germany, and North America.

As a former leader of the Automotive & Assembly Practice and lead partner in the firm’s Detroit office, Stefan’s client work centers on the automotive, aerospace, and advanced-electronics sectors. With his sustainability focus, he leads McKinsey’s cross-industry mobility discussions with more than 50 cities around the world, charging-infrastructure providers, ridesharing companies, and car and truck OEMs.

Stefan has led performance-improvement and turnaround programs for a variety of clients, including automotive and truck OEMs, component suppliers, construction- and agricultural-equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, and logistic providers. He has also led major strategy engagements on electric-vehicle-battery development, ridesharing expansion, and penetration of electric trucks for OEMs, high-tech companies, and start-ups.

Among multiple recent research initiatives, Stefan was a coauthor of several publications, such as Reimagining mobility in the McKinsey Quarterly, three reports on how people and goods will move around in cities, the “Making electric vehicles profitable” article, articles on electric-vehicle-charging infrastructure (including electrical-grid impact), and, with C40 Cities, Focused acceleration: A strategic approach to climate action in cities to 2030, a report about the path to sustainability for global cities.

Steve Adler
Mayor of Austin

Steve Adler is Austin’s 52nd Mayor. His top priorities include mobility, affordability and equity for all Austinites. Adler has been elected a Vice President of the National Council of Democratic Mayors, a Trustee of the United States Conference of Mayors, and Chair of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) policy board. Mayor Adler has received broad recognition for innovative leadership. Foreign Policy named him a Global reThinker and Living Cities included Mayor Adler on the list of 25 Disruptive Leaders (along with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and author Ta-Nehihi Coates) to mark that organization’s 25th anniversary. The Austin Chronicle readership has named Mayor Adler as Best City Official each year since 2016, and Chronicle critics named Adler Best Drag Mother for his turn as Mother Ginger in Ballet Austin’s The Nutcracker and Most Devoted Pen Pal for his Wonder Woman letter. Austin Monthly has also named Mayor Adler “Best Politician” for “fearlessly speaking up for Austinites [and] proving that a little snark goes a long way to support the morale of a community.”

Stephen Cotton
General Secretary, International Transport Workers' Federation - ITF

Stephen Cotton is General Secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), a global union federation of 670 trade unions representing 18.5 million transport workers in 147 countries in the maritime, port, aviation, road, rail and urban transport sectors. He was elected at the 43rd ITF Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2014, and re-elected at the 44th ITF Congress in Singapore, 2018. Under his leadership, the ITF has transformed into a proactive campaigning organisation, allowing the ITF and its affiliates to secure industry-leading contracts and protocols with key multinational companies in the transport sector. He is Chair of the Council of Global Unions (CGU), a Trustee of the ITF Seafarers’ Trust and serves on the United Seaman’s Service (USS) governing body. In 2014, Cotton received the USS Admiral of the Ocean Sea (AOTOS) Award, in recognition of his work defending the well-being and fair treatment of seafarers.

Stevens Mokgalapa
Mayor of Tshwane

Cllr. Stevens Mokgalapa was elected as the Executive Mayor of Tshwane on 12 February 2019. He is born and bred in Tshwane, and has a bachelor’s degree in political science (University of Pretoria) and honours degree in International Relations (University of the Western Cape). His interest in politics started in his student days and shortly after graduating, he embarked on his political career serving as both ward and PR councillor in Tshwane. He later became a parliamentarian in 2009 where he served in the National Assembly’s portfolio committees for Community Safety, Inner City Regeneration, City Planning and Housing. He is currently the President of Africa Liberal Network. He has also served in the Liberal International Human Rights Committee and Executive Committee.

Susanne Dorasil
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Susanne Dorasil LL.M is currently Head of Division Water, urban development, mobility at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Susanne Dorasil was formerly Head of Economic Cooperation & Development at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi, India. Before working in India she was Head of the Economic Policy & Financial Sector Division, in charge of sustainable economic development (economic policy, financial and private sector development), corporate social responsibility and innovative business models for development as well as ICT for development. She served as German co-facilitator of the G20 development pillar on Private Investment and Job Creation and as German co-chair of the Sub–group on SME Finance of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. She was also member of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established under the UK’s presidency of the G8. Formerly Susanne Dorasil was Private Secretary to the Permanent State Secretary of the BMZ; Senior Advisor to the German Executive Director at the World Bank Group, Deputy Head of the Central Africa, West Africa II, Madagascar Division, and Deputy Head of the Legal Division. She studied law at the Free University of Berlin and holds a Master of Laws degree from King’s College London. She passed her bar examination in Berlin.

Takele Uma Banti
Mayor of Addis Ababa

Mayor Takele Uma Banti born in 1981. He is an Ethiopian visionary leader currently serving as Mayor of Addis Ababa, Capital city of Ethiopia. He has served as mayor for two Oromia regional state townships namely, Sebeta and Holeta and was Manager for Sululta Municipal Administration. Before his Mayorship to Addis, he served as head of Oromia Transport authority and general Manager of Oromia Urban Land sector. He studied for his Bachelor’s and Masters Degree at Addis Ababa University in Chemical and Environmental Engineering departments respectively & contributed a publication entitled, “Effect of Bio-fertilizer productivity from the coffee husk on wheat with respect to chemical fertilizer.” He was awarded diverse prizes for his prosperous city initiative, good governance, and exemplary leadership. He is a founder and board chairman of Oromia water sport Federation, Founder of Free education for girls and disabilities foundation, co-founder of Hope 2020 foundation. He has a major contribution to the establishment of born free foundation as well. He has successfully led plenty of multi-billion projects including job creation, rehabilitation works, reforms, and Introduction of new service systems.

Ted Wheeler
Mayor of Portland

Ted was motivated to enter politics while volunteering as an overnight host at the Goose Hollow Shelter and he saw firsthand that we could do much more to help the most vulnerable among us. He has a reputation as a leader who brings people together to get things done.

As the Chair of Multnomah County from 2007-2010, he balanced a county budget during the worst years of the recession, reducing the debt while maintaining safety net programs for the elderly, drug and alcohol treatment programs and forging partnerships to fund a Mental Health Crisis Center. He jump-started long-stalled infrastructure projects, including the Sellwood Bridge and East County Courthouse.

Under Ted’s stewardship as state Treasurer, Oregon’s investment portfolio outperformed every one of its peers in the nation and earned an upgraded credit rating. He re-launched the Oregon college savings plan, and passed legislation that created the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan, which is now a national model for state-sponsored retirement security.

Ted has assumed a leadership role in economic development. He convened business leaders and spearheaded a new statewide blueprint, dubbed the Oregon Investment Act, and it was approved by the Legislature in 2012. The Oregon Investment Act helps the State invest more effectively in the growth of small businesses.

A sixth-generation Oregonian, Ted was born in Portland, and graduated from Lincoln High School. Ted earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Stanford University, an MBA from Columbia University and a Masters in Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Ted is a longtime community volunteer leader, and has devoted energy to diverse organizations including Neighborhood House, Portland Mountain Rescue and the Oregon Sports Authority. He is an Eagle Scout. He lives in Southwest Portland with his wife and daughter.

Vandana Shiva
Founder, Navdanya

Dr. Vandana Shiva is trained as a Physicist and did her Ph.D. on the subject “Hidden Variables and Non-locality in Quantum Theory” from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. She later shifted to inter-disciplinary research in science, technology and environmental policy, which she carried out at the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. In 1982, she founded an independent institute, the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology in Dehra Dun dedicated to high quality and independent research to address the most significant ecological and social issues of our times, in close partnership with local communities and social movements. In 1991, she founded Navdanya, a national movement to protect the diversity and integrity of living resources, especially native seed, the promotion of organic farming and fair trade. In 2004 she started Bija Vidyapeeth, an international college for sustainable living in Doon Valley in collaboration with Schumacher College, U.K. Dr. Shiva combines the sharp intellectual enquiry with courageous activism.. Time Magazine identified Dr. Shiva as an environmental “hero” in 2003 and Asia Week has called her one of the five most powerful communicators of Asia. Forbes magazine in November 2010 has identified Dr. Vandana Shiva as one of the top Seven most Powerful Women on the Globe.

Valérie Plante
Mayor of Montréal

Valérie Plante Mayor of Montréal, Projet Montréal Leader First elected as city councillor in Saint-Marie district in 2013, Projet Montréal members chose Valérie Plante to lead the party in 2016. Her contagious passion and energy has helped her rally people around her progressive vision. Deeply concerned about participatory democracy, Valérie Plante has a bold plan for Montréal centered on increased access to public transit, better urban planning, and public services, the economy and the environment. Her commitment is to bridge the gap on these issues for all 19 city boroughs. Before jumping into the political arena in 2013, Valérie Plante studied anthropology, museology, multiethnic intervention, and was actively involved with numerous community groups, such as Fondation Filles d’action. She became Mayor of Montréal on November 5, 2017. She is the first woman elected mayor of Montréal.

Vassilis-Foivos Axiotis
Vice Mayor of Athens for Urban Infrastructure and City Planning


Virginia Raggi
Mayor of Rome

Virginia Raggi was born in Rome on July 18th, 1978, and grew up in the San Giovanni Appio Latino neighborhood, where aqueducts and ruins of Roman walls are still visible; later in her life, Raggi moved to another neighborhood, Ottavia, where she still lives with her son.  In June 2016 she was elected mayor of Rome. In her view, politics is not a job, nor a mission: it is the desire to bring back legality, normality and sustainable progress.

Wasim Akhtar
Mayor of Karachi

1987 Joined MQM(Muttahida Qaumi Movement) in Pakistan as party worker. 1993 got elected as Member Provincial Assembly Sindh Province.1997 again elected as Member Provincial Assembly and served as Minister Housing & Town Planning of the province. 2003 became Advisor to the Chief Minister for Local Government. 2004 became Advisor to Chief Minister for the Hime Department. 2008 got elected as Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Presently holding party position as Member Central Executive Committee. Got elected as Mayor of Karachi City since August 24,2016

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr
Mayor of Freetown

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE was sworn in as Mayor of Freetown in May 2018 with a commitment to transform Freetown using an inclusive, data-driven approach to address challenges in the city. The 3-year Transform Freetown plan details 19 concrete targets across 11 sectors and covers issues ranging from waste management to improving urban planning and tackling environmental degradation. A finance professional with over 25 years of private sector experience in strategic planning, risk management consulting and project management, Mayor Aki-Sawyerr’s public sector engagement began with her work as the Director of Planning at the National Ebola Response Centre during the Ebola epidemic of 2014-2015 and her subsequent role as Delivery Team Lead for the President’s Recovery Priorities – a multi-stakeholder programme to drive socio-economic recovery post Ebola. In 1999, she co-founded the Sierra Leone War Trust for Children (SLWT) which supports disadvantaged children in Sierra Leone today. Mayor Aki-Sawyerr is a Chartered Accountant and holds an MSc in Politics of the World Economy from the London School of Economics and a BSc Hons in Economics from Fourah Bay College.  She is married and has two children.

Zaqy Mohamad
Minister of State, Singapore Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of National Development

Mr Zaqy Mohamad was appointed Minister of State in the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Manpower on 1 May 2018. Mr Zaqy was elected as a Member of Parliament in 2006. He is currently serving as a Member of Parliament for Chua Chu Kang GRC and is concurrently a grassroots adviser to the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC since August 2017. Prior to taking up political office, Mr Zaqy was a Partner in professional services firm Ernst & Young with the ASEAN Business Development unit. He joined the firm in 2014. 

He began his career in consulting at Arthur Andersen before moving on to IBM where he was a business consultant. He then held various positions in the private sector. These include the Solutions Director of Avanade (an Accenture-Microsoft jointventure) and the Sales Head of Dimension Data, a company of the NTT Group.

Mr Zaqy graduated from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He also holds a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from NTU and Carnegie Mellon University.